Do baby beanbags represent a hazard to your babies?

These nice cushions are perfect for babies. In fact, they are one of the most comfortable bed-like cushions for babies and even for the parents, due its portability. Nevertheless, certain incidents have been reported related to baby beanbags and the real question is, are baby beanbags really safe for babies?

The myth

It’s been said that these cushions have caused incidents and the major victims are under five children. Many cases of shocking and reported death are related to the use of this comfortable item. Insecure and low-quality beanbags manufacturers had to pay consequences in the late 90s. Is spite of this, nowadays beanbags are more secure, but they still present the same risk factors.

The facts

Actually, there is an existing hazard for babies when they’re using beanbags. First of all, they are filled with polystyrene or PVC beads. Reports indicated that in some cases children liked to open the lining and eat the beads. This caused choking. A study made in 1996, indicated that 35 deaths were registered related to babies and beanbags. They were found lying down asphyxiated because the beanbag was not properly filled. Even if studies indicate that the same deaths could have happened while in bed, it is a true fact. So, there practically are two major risk causes related to beanbags.

Is the any recommendations?

Surely. The point has never been to stop using baby beanbags, but alert parents about their use and the possible affections and hazards they might represent for the babies. Nevertheless, after all, the most important prevention for babies is parent’s supervision. It’s recommendable to:

Not let the baby unattended

Read the labels in order to know the real hazards

Reinforce the importance of a good posture

Instruct babysitters and care givers about child’s safety